Flesh-Eating Sea Bugs Try To Eat Teenager’s Feet. He Got Out Of Beach Water With Bleeding Feet

A recent incident happened in Australia where a 16-year old football player named Sam Kahizay went to soak his feet in beach water and felt something tingling in his legs but didn’t pay too much attention as he imagined it to be just an effect of his sore feet. But when he got out of […]

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Taxi Driver Who Was Too Sleepy That’s Why His Female Passenger Drives His Cab, Now An E-Jeep Operator

A 70-year old man named Rolando Sarusad was the taxi driver who was too tired and sleepy to drive when his female passenger, Cristina Tan volunteered to drive his cab to the destination instead of finding another one. The old man didn’t believe it at first that she was capable of driving a manual transmission […]