Liza Soberano Shows Off Her Beautiful House

Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano is one of the biggest names in the showbiz industry. Soberano is the young pretty girl who starred in ABS-CBN’s romantic comedy melodrama “Dolce Amore” alongside Enrique Gil. Now after several years of being in the spotlight, netizens are now raving about her new home. According to the video that Kami […]


Pedestrian Pull at Beggar’s Trousers to Reveal That He Had Legs and Not Amputated

A footage in China was revealed by a passerby on the unlikely modus of a beggar. The beggar looks like his legs were amputated. To show that the beggar does actually have legs, the pedestrian pulled off the beggar’s trousers to prove that he is lying. After the pedestrian successfully pulled off the trousers of […]


‘Jet-Digger’ Woman Cancelled Plans With Her Boyfriend Telling Him She’s Sick Just To Be With This Man

Coby Persin, YouTube prankster is about to pick a girl outside the train to check if she’d got with him if she knew he had a jet. The woman, named only as Lauren refused because apparently she has a boyfriend. But moments later, Lauren changed her mind after Coby invites her to join him and […]