Here’s How Robin Padilla And Mariel Rodriguez Treat Their Helpers And Yayas

Celebrity couple Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez impressed netizens after a video of them having fun and playing games with their helpers and yayas went viral. Robin and Mariel were celebrating some occasion and the two showcased their humility and generosity.

The family and their helpers were playing a game wherein they were required to get the apples out of a basin filled with water. Robin was heard crying out that the winner of the game will receive Php 2,000. All of them seemed to have a good time. Laughter and jokes were heard throughout the video.

Netizens praised Robin for being humble, kind and generous towards his helpers and Baby Isabella’s yayas. Robin and Mariel are perfect examples of kind and generous celebrities to those working for them.

Watch the video below…

Source: kami

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