Actress Angel Locsin Belongs To The List Of 15 Most Beautiful Women In The World

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is a commonly used expression used to express the fact that not all people have the same opinions about what is attractive. Some even say that it is the inside of a person’s heart that matters not the outside.

However, there are times that we admire other people’s physical appearance. In fact, its the appearance that made some people fall in love with a girl or guy.

Around the world, there are different types of beauties, from the Asian beauty down to the Russian look. Here’s the list of countries with the most number of gorgeous women:

1. Philippines
*It is the country that’s known for good attitude and the ones who flash the biggest smiles that strangers can’t resist. To represent the Philippines, here’s Angel Locsin’s jaw-dropping beauty. Angel is a Kapamilya actress best known for her roles in heavy drama films.

2. America
*American women are known as the women who’d always want to do fun things. They are also known for being independent.

3. Italy
*This is the best place to visit if you’re looking for those women filled with class and sophistication. Those brown-eyed women will surely make you fall for them.

4. Russia
*Russian women have that mix beauty of western and eastern features. They have these high cheekbones, broad and tall bodies that were complemented by their blonde hair

5. Ukraine
*A lot of people believe that women in Ukraine are prettier than those from Russia.

6. Britain
*British women are one of the most admired. These days, they are already a mix of different cultures and they come in various skin tones and looks but still, they come educated and well-mannered, making them look even more attractive.

7. Netherlands
*Dutch women with blonde hair deserve this 7th spot since they are too good to be true.

8. Venezuela
*Women here are often the ones who bag home the crown from international beauty pageants because aside from beauty, they also got brains.

9. Argentina
*A Latina country that has the prettiest women. Argentinian women are considered as the whitest Latinas that you could ever see.

10. Angola
*This country proved that black women can also stand out! These women looked hot and at the same time, despite being discriminated because of their skin color.

11. Serbia
*Serbia is the one that produces the models and best basketball players.

12. Sweden
*Women here have those mesmerizing that you couldn’t resist. Slowly, the looks from their eyes will drown you until you realize that you’ve already fallen for them.

13. Latvia
*This country has is considered as one of the blondest countries in the world who has so much pretty girls. Visiting Latvia will make you dizzy because you’d always turn your head sideways, back and forth, just so you could get a good sight of beautiful women.

14. South Korea
*Women in this country have that pale skin, fit body, and gorgeous face. They have that cute facial features that you’d love to look at for the rest of your life. Women also in South Korea don’t seem to age.

15. Romania
*Women here have the best bodies in Europe, plus, they also have the best pretty faces in Europe.

Source: teamangel

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