Vice Ganda And Anne Curtis’ Argument About Ex-Couples On “It’s Showtime” Made Netizens Going Crazy

It’s Showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis recently had an intense but hilarious argument on “It’s Showtime” on whether exes can become friends.

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Many are asking if you can still be friends with your ex. Vice asked that question to a “Tawag ng Tanghalan” contestant and to Amy Perez. Both of them answered ‘no’ because when a relationship is over, all ties are supposed to be cut off.

According to Vice, an ex-couple could not become friends and that all they could be are acquaintances.

However, Anne from began shouting off cam that one can still be friends with their former lovers. This infuriated Vice. He came charging towards the actress-host and said: “Pwede? Yung kaibigan, yung totoong ibig sabihin ng kaibigan? Si Sam Milby natatakbuhan mo kapag may problema ka?”

Anne argued that people can still remain friends with their exes, but not to the point where they hangout. Vice concluded the two are definitely not friends.

Then Vice defined the meaning of being friends and being acquaintances. He said that once you break up with someone, then you are not friends with them, but only acquaintances.

According to him: “Ang kaibigan natatakbuhan mo sa oras ng problema. Ang ex mo, nagging problema mo kasi tinakbuhan ka.”

Vice statement gained plenty of cheers from the audiences.

Furthermore, Anne claimed that you can be friends with your ex, but not that close. It caused Vice to bring up Richard Gutierrez, another one of Curtis’ exes. Vice asked whether they are still texting and the actress said they do not.

Vice then said that if you are friends with someone, you can be in constant communication with them, you ask how they are doing, and you hang out sometimes. This ticked off Anne which is why she threatened to enumerate who Vice Ganda’s former lovers are. She said:

“Gusto mo isa-isahin ko mga ex mo dito?” Anne interjected while Vice was still explaining. “Season 1, season 2, season 3?” she added. Vice rushed to Anne and apologized to her.

Watch it below…

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