Condo Unit Owner In Makati Has Been Robbed By This Female ‘Akyat Bahay’ Who Shouted ‘Rape!’ When Confronted By The Security Guard

A condo unit owner in Barangay, Makati City named Christine David lost valuable items when a female ‘akyat bahay‘ identified as Melody Feraro entered through a window and stole a bag, wallet, laptop, tablet, and other important documents.

The theft was discovered after the suspect was seen by security guard Mario Canaveral at the stairwell of the building. The guard said he became suspicious of the suspect who was carrying a paper bag and a bag.

Feraro refused to hand over the bags to the guard for inspection, and she insisted that she was not carrying stolen items. Instead, the guard said that the suspect shouted “Rape! Rape!” The security guard had no choice but to let her go.

But it was only later that they discovered a unit in the condominium had been robbed.

A person who knew the suspect returned some of the victim’s documents. David offered a reward of P2,000 for information on the whereabouts of the suspect.

But the suspect’s friend who returned the victim’s documents reportedly asked if she could raise the reward to P5,000 but David flatly refused.

The suspect, Melody Feraro, remains at large and is being hunted by the police.

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Source: kickerdaily

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