VIRAL: Freak Accident Of A Grade 2 Student Who Died When A Running Grade 7 Student Bumped Her

A Grade 2 student named Alliyah Marie Serdna dreamed of becoming an angel and in her death, this dream may her be fulfilled.

Alliyah lost her life after a Grade 7 student accidentally bumped with her while running. The impact causes Alliyah to fall on the ground, hitting her head.

Alliyah was brought to the clinic for her to get rest. However, Alliyah kept vomiting to the point that it caused her to fall into a comatose. She was brought to Davao City in order to perform surgery however she passed away on Saturday evening.

The family is currently grieving Alliyah’s untimely death. Several netizens and family friends sent their condolences to the grieving family. There are some of them who are questioning what the teachers did and what they could’ve done in the situation.

In response, a teacher from the school explained that the teachers did try to do something about it. They put ice on her head and did first aid but it just wasn’t enough.

Source: tnp

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